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Nelli Csarno: Yoga Instructor

Nelli Csarno: Yoga Instructor
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Nelli Csarno hails from Budapest, Hungary. Prior to practicingg and teaching Yoga, she was a psychologist. Coaching and human relations used to be her line of work as she was working as a Human Resource Manager at a fast-paced corporation back then.

Nelli started to practice Yoga 6 years ago. With her passion for her practice and vast proficiency, she crafts a journey to experience the beauty and power of yoga, allowing for a self-enriching understanding of the connection of the body, breath and mind; how it moves, resists, opens and heals. Just like many great teachers, Nelli also felt compelled to share her love for yoga and its whole-person benefits. Her classes are appropriate for all levels of students, from beginners to those who are well seasoned yoginis.

Nelli holds three yoga teaching certifications: Hatha, a Spine Yoga teaching training certification, Ashtanga, a Primary Series Teaching training and Vinyasa Flow, which she obtained from her training in Bali, Indonesia.

The classes she offers range from: Vinyasa/ relaxation/ Restorative yoga, to alignment/ balance Hatha yoga, and a strong/ vigorous/ Vinyasa flow.
Date: 2016-05-06 11:52:42

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